Each Broker listed with our corporate registrar has received a letter and a list of all old and canceled Copper King certificates shown as being registered to that individual broker. It further confirms the new Copper King  Certificate replaces the old canceled shares.  Included in the envelope sent to your broker with the letter is the new certificate. 

These letters and Certificates were mailed about October 14, 2015.

You should also be advised that the DTC provided our Registrar instructions for issuing new shares to all brokers of record who held old Copper King shares with CEDE and/or the DTC. Those New Shares have also been mailed in Certificate form per the instructions of the DTC.

We want to say Thank You to all of our Shareholders and the Brokers who work with them with a special thank you to those brokers who have completed the pro rata distribution of the New Copper King shares.

Lee Abbott
Copper King Mining.

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